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Lethargic and clumsy after an upset tummy...?

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Hello everyone!

My 2 year old dog has been lethargic all day, spending the last 8 hours sprawled out on the floor next to me as I worked away from my office. He has only asked to go out for one potty break and that was 7 hours ago. (he had gone pee and poop though)

He ate his breakfast just fine, however close to supper time (he's fed twice a day) I tried to encourage him to get up and move some more, so I called him to the kitchen for a treat. He got up, VERY slowly and wobbled his way to the kitchen, almost like he was learning to walk on his lanky legs for the first time again.

Once he got there he took the treat and walked it to his bed like he usually does, but didn't eat it right away. After 15 minutes he ate it and then threw it up within a couple of minutes. Since then he's been REALLY lethargic and weak, like he can barely stand up or hold his head up. I sat down on the floor with him and let him lay no my lap, he did that for a bit and then since it was close to supper I got up and gave him a bowl of wet food (usually it's dry-only or a mix or wet and dry) to try and get him to eat and get some water into him as he wouldn't drink.

He ate about half of the bowl and then went into his bed to lay down. Within 15 minutes of eating he's showing improvement on the weakness and is now laying normally (as opposed to being sprawled out on the floor awkwardly) and is fully capable of lifting his head up with no issue to watch the cat walk around and such. So he's improving so I don't personally see a need in this moment for him to see a vet.

I'm just posting to ask opinions on what it could be if anyone's had a similar experience.

Side note: When he threw up it looked like enough food to be two meals worth potentially, so maybe his supper from the night before hadn't digested either along with his breakfast from that morning)

Thanks for reading! :)
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I'd take him to a vet as soon as you can
Thanks for the input, I'd love to hear your reasoning though?

He went from barely being able to hold his head up, lay normally or walk well to walking, laying and moving normally in general with all motor skills returned to normal.

He also ate and hasn't threw up again at all. Over-all he's totally improving.

At this point he just seems tired, which he probably is from throwing up two very big puke piles back to back.
Now that it sounds like he's improving, that's great! Sometimes dogs get obstructions and that's what I thought it could be but he's getting better so I think he'll be alright. If he stops improving, I'd take him to a vet, just to be sure there's nothing wrong :)
UPDATE: After taking a 4 hour nap, he's feeling great! You can tell he's really happy about feeling great also as he's non-stop wagging his tail and doing little happy hops all over the place, wanting to play! :)

He's also now ate again and is keeping it down, bowl movements are normal again now too.

Seems like it was a stomach bug or something that he's now gotten over with rest. I hope this helps anyone else with a pup in a similar situation.
My dog managed to get into a bag of beggin strips and ate half of it. He was lethargic, refused food and was laying on the ground with the most pitiful look on his face. We thought something was really wrong and that we might have to take him to the vet. The next day he was fine, we thought maybe he just didnt feel good. Until I went into the back pantry and discovered the half eaten bag (we're talking a BIG bag from Sams Club). Needless to say my mom stopped feeling bad for him XD.

Sounds like your pup just had an upset tummy. Hope he continues to improve :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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