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I've actually been here for some time, just never got around to making an intro because I initially came here to seek advice for my dog's hair loss issue after trying everything, taking her to four vets and getting all kinds of medication (which turns out to be genetic hypothyroidism that her hair is still growing back from).
I've learned a lot from this site and from the friendly people
I grew up with dogs - labs, border collies, but mostly mutts. I'm currently a senior in high school, I'm working at my second dog daycare (had to leave the first cause of moving) and I really aspire to do something with dogs, which is one of the reasons I stayed at this site because there's so much to learn. I started researching dogs when I was 8, so much so that I got a migraine one night and almost passed out from the hours of reading (i try to be dedicated :D). I did everything to get involved with dogs outside of our house, I was always the person people would ask to dogsit or to walk their dogs. I just really hope to be able to make a difference in the lives of as many shelter dogs as I can.
Anyhow I'm sort of awkward with introductions but since I'm here to talk about my dogs, look no further :) (i do talk a lot soo i would understand if you don't read it haha)
im also really into photography so i have an abundance of pictures

The first is Dakota, she's my absolute baby. I rescued her from the shelter and they had her labeled as a german shepherd mix, but after some time it was learned she was a Hovawart! Although it's set to mixed on her page since they haven't added the hovie yet.
It was literal love at first sight with her, I had been looking through the shelters for a while for a new dog, my own dog, but none of them fit. During one of the visits I had gone down every row. When I had gotten to the last row I figured that this wasn't my day but I was wrong. In the very last kennel I walked in front of, there was this messy thin, eyes-still-full-of-hope dog in the corner that looked up at me, I had seen a lot of sad looks that day but she just somehow struck me. I just stood there and she slowly came up, and I remember that moment so vividly - everything else was zoned out. This might seem like a cliche story but it's just how I felt. The next day I brought our other dogs to meet her and they got along and that's how Kota became mine. Since then she has proven to be the best dog I could ever hope for <3
She's come very far from that timid, flinchy dog, having been abused and neglected in her previous home, resulting in a fear of men. She's taught me a lot in patience and rehabilitating a dog with so much baggage, and she's also taught me how worth it all of it was if you use a little love and positive reinforcement. she's just blossomed

Next one is PJ, we've had him for at least 17 years, as long as I can remember. A friend of the family gave him to us when he was about a year old, and he still acts like a puppy. I've seen some active old dogs but this guy is ridiculous. He will always be the dog that started my endless love for dogs, he was the first dog I started training when I was 8 and he'll always have a special place for being my beginning

Then there's Sadie, just another one from the shelter originally found as a stray. My sis originally got her but I ended up taking care of her. She's a mutt, with some chihuahua among other things. Guesses are welcome :)

My main goal here is to learn as much as possible and to meet new dog people. I'm soon to be raising a service puppy for my senior project so it can be expected that I'll be on here lookin for advice :) I know you usually do the intro before you post but here I am!
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