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Labored Breathing

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My dog was diagnosed with lung cancer (tho we don't think it's primary). He's 15 and chemo, radiation and surgery was out of the question. I tried herbal things like Neoplasene, but I don't think we're having any luck. I'm heart broken and have been frantically trying to help him, anything but letting go ...

He is NOT in pain. But he's tired, and he's starting to go weak. I've tried acupuncture to help a little, but he's not responding as well as I hoped. Last night was especially upsetting when he was up panting half the night.

I know this sounds all very grim, but I promise you, he hasn't been in pain, he's just gotten very weak in the last 2 days. I know I will have to do the right thing, and I keep talking to 2 vets weekly to make sure I don't prolong things and make him suffer.

Since it's lung cancer / tumors, I'm trying to figure out how I will know that he's having a hard time breathing? Last night he was panting a lot, and loud, but it didn't seem like he was gasping for air ... when I fed him some kibble and turned on a little light for him he would mellow out again, eventually fall asleep (but then wake up later again)...

The worst I could imagine is that I make him suffer or stick around for me, even though I would give anything to have him stay ... but not like this. I guess I'm just looking for some peace of mind. For some reason I can't find an answer to my concern about the breathing, everyone keeps saying "You will know..."

PS: He's still very interested in food, mooches whenever he can (at least he did so yesterday), and his ears perk when he sees me, and his tail wags.
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Personally, I hate that "you will know" saying. Unless the dog is bleeding to death and its obvious, its hard to "know".

Personally, from your story, it seems like you are only prolonging the inevitatble (pain or not) and I would personally let the dog pass. Iam sorry you are going through this.

I have to agree with Crio...Sorry to hear what is happening :( Its rough.
i am so sorry to hear that your dog is suffering with this illness... i agree with them.. you should not prolong the pain... its hard to accept the fact that they will leave us behind but its more painful to see them in pain.....
it is very obvious that you have loved your dog well for the past 15 years. he is a lucky dog, and you are lucky to have had him in your life and been able to love him so much. now, it is time to let go.........before he is in great pain.

i am so very sorry

I know exactly how you feel.I just lost my precious Navarre.and will never get over it.He had a tumor on his lungs.He had been short of breath for a long time,but I thought it was because he was overweight.Then he stopped eating all of a sudden and seemed very weak.this was on Wed. by Sunday he was totally paralized in his back legs and tail.At first they thought his back was broke but said he shows no signs of pain. they took xrays and he had a very large tumor on his lungs and very little breathing capacity. the tumor was now pressing on his spinal cord. He was 10 and a half weighing 82 pounds. She was honest and told me she didn't think he would ever walk again and even though he wasn't in pain he was very sick.I did what they told me I should do but I have to tell you I have never done anything that hurt so bad in my life.This was July 28 and I still cry daily I have written a poem for him fixed his grave.ordered his memorial stone.I truly feel for you.Yes I could have brought him home and let him die naturally or spend no telling how much just to prolong the inevitable.I decided to spend the money on him and his burial instead and remember him still healthy.
BTW this is what I put on his Stone.I will wrap these treasured memories in a blanket of my love and keep them for my Best friend until we meet above.I Love you Navarre Wait for me in paradise.
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