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So just a little story we think is neat, thought I'd share.
My wifes dog is a black lab, field type, came from good hunting lines, she says, and I believe her;)
Anyway, couple of years ago we went camping on a lake in the mountains. Lake is filled by waterfalls, crystal clear water. Like tap water clear. Just an awesome vacation seeing fall leaf change, hiking, swimming, finding waterfalls by boat etc.
I decided to go swimming, and found a nice spot with some sandy bank and a good sized boulder hanging over the lake. Walked to edge of the boulder, and jumped the 10 feet or so into the lake. Still hadnt popped back up when I heard a big kersplash near me. Popped up and theres mad-dog ( what I call the lab, real name maddie ) swimming up to me. Gets to me and starts like trying to scramble up on me like shes trying to drown me lol. So I grabbed her collar to push her away, almost instantly she turns and starts for the sandy part of the bank. So I held on and she pulled me back. Then she ran back up the boulder, stands there looking happy as can be tail wagging. So I went back up, and this time she jumped off alongside me. We hit the water, she swam at me, I grabbed her collar, same thing right back to shore.
So we did this a good dozen times, every time she'd jump with me, swim to me and haul me back to shore.
It was pretty awesome. The dog was in heaven, I couldnt tell if she was just happy having a good time, or proud of herself, or both, or what.
So I still dont know if in her little doggie mind it was all this big grand game, or maybe she thought she was saving me from drowning. I'll never know. But she was so happy doing it.....exuburently joyful is the best way I can put it.
A small thing in the grand scheme of things, but not anything I'd have expected from her, but it really amazed me.

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Sounds like she was retrieving something that was special to her and having a blast doing it. Also sounds like she's naturally inclined to water rescue. If she has the typical lab soft mouth grab it sounds like she would be great at water rescue.

Also your vacation sounds amazing. I am jealous.
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