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My name is William and Labradors are my favorite breed. I am going to share with you a common ailment for Labradors, but first answer these questions.

1) Is your lab constantly chewing at their paws?
2) Is your lab keeping ear infections?
3) Does your lab have skin problems?
4) Is your vet always telling you your labs ears have an imbalance of yeast in them?

If you answered yes to at least two of these your dog is having allergic reactions. My lab is allergic to everything and needs an allergy shot every three months. This is not expensive and you will start to see improvement in about 7-10 days after the shot. Biggest sign is the chewing and grooming excessively on the paws pads and ear infections. It only cost me $35 for the allergy shot and is well worth more. If your vet charges more you may want to seek another vet.

Please PM me if you have a good homemade remedy for the musky lab odor.
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