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We have a 6.5yr old boxer (Caesar) who for the last year we have been testing and retesting with blood work, urinalysis and an ultrasound. He has been raw feed for the last 8 months, was on a dehydrated raw food for about a year before that, then Oijens dry kibble from a pup.

His UPC on 4/10 was 1.4, on 7/18 it was 1.6 and 10/24 its 2.6. BUN and Creatinine in the blood work has been right in the middle of normal range on all tests. his blood pressure is really good as well. Gravity on the urine on the last test was 1.047. I have plenty of results if more is necessary.

I am not looking for a diagnosis from a pet forum, just looking to see if anyone has similar experiences/conditions they have dealt with. Something is not right, although you couldn't tell it from Caesar as he acts normal. Internet searches say Proteinuria or Kidney disease, but both of those have other conditions in the bloodwork or with blood pressure that just doesnt match up with Caesars. The vet has yet to put a diagnosis on it due to the UPC being higher but all else in the norm.
My 11 yr old labradoodle got terribly dry skin and flaky , not all over but patches on his back. Went to dermatology for animals. Urine shows 3 protein. No other bad numbers in blood work. Did a biop of the skin and no results yet. I changed to a fresh food (no kibble) and veg diet, Oil drops in food and currently taking
anti-biotics. Has anyone had this problem? I hope it's not kidney related. Last yr he had a spleenectomy, (Tumor on Spleen) no cancer then. My dog was neutered at 8 weeks and some people believe that could cause problems later if too young. I worry about feeling bumps (lipomas ?) or more tumors causing kidney problems. Any help here? Under care of
2 vets. Otherwise normal eating and Poops.
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