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New member here. I signed up to ask if anyone knows of any kennels in your area that have employee lodging? I have been working with dogs since I was a child. I began helping my grandfather take care of dogs meant to be put down by the state, he was a state dog catcher. I worked with those dogs and even did some work taking care of foxes with my father. For the past 6 years, I have been working at kennels in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. In the area, there are a few kennels with employee lodging.. that I never had to make use of. I am looking to get out of the area, for a change, and not really picky on where. I am hoping to generate a list of known kennels with employee lodging that I can pick from and apply for. I would prefer an environment that is dry.. at so many years here, I have grown to dislike the humidity in my area.

If you know of any dog facilities with human boarding, please let me know.

Thank you!

PS - Preferably a facility that emphasizes socialization.


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