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Yes it is true. My dog is a popcorn addict. It started way back when she was a pup. Her and I would sit on the couch and share a bowl of popcorn. She would wait for her little treat and of course I would gladly share some with her. This still goes on till this very day.
Of course however after having her with me for a year her addiction has grown worse. It started off with her hounding my son after I split off some with him and he'd give her a few and then bam! All done there. She wouldn't bother him because mostly I would be sitting down right after and her and I would share a bowl. It was always fun and she would always understand to never stick her head in the bowl.
It wasn't until recently that I had just finished making a bowl of popcorn and had gotten a call. So going off to handle the call I left the bowl up where Kayla couldn't get it naturally. Sadly the call took longer than I had thought and when I had gone back to the popcorn I find Kayla standing on the counter with her head in the bowl. She looked at me with this cute face that just seemed to say "What?" on it. Of course she got in trouble but I still laughed my ass off from the whole ordeal. I wish I took a picture of it too because her face was just too cute for words.
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