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Karma has come a looong way!

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I am sooo freaking proud of how well Karma's doing. We've been managing to keep up with her reactive dog classes and our trainers love her! She does so well at class minus the rare off day, but she's come a long way.

Yesterday we went to a rescue benefit/festival thing and I debated whether or not to take her considering I figured there'd be a ton of dogs. But it ended up being a crappy weather day and I chanced it and she did freaking amazing! At first we hung out where there were litterally no dogs and did some obedience work. She also found some people to love on her and was freaking hilarious. She found to lovely ladies who were completely fine with her climbing into their laps and she was litterally back and forth between the two so excited to have people loving on her.

Anyway we mainly went there to try some lure coursing. And well she didn't really take to it *sigh*. Anyway before and after her turn we were hanging out around the coursing stuff and she actually laid down by the gate 100% relaxed watching other dogs lure coursing. She got tons of treats and was fantastic. We also ran into one of our hiking buddies and his dog is obsessed with lure coursing and was barking his head off ready to go and Karma mainted a down within inches of him going nuts. Every now and then she'd get a little overwhealmed so we'd take a break, but for the most part she did excellent!

Also noticed recently her sit and down commands have become a lot more soild in highly distracting enviorments!

Really looking forward to our summer! Got lots of dock diving competitions planned and depending on my summer work schedule I'm trying to work out Rally and nose work classes for both the girls. Plus still trying to work out an appoinment with a vet behaviorist because I do think she could benefit from that...

oh and a pic from saturday!
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You have done amazing with her. You should be really proud of yourself!
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