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when he was a pup he was doing zoomies around the lounge he ran behind the sofa, then I just heard a whack an yelp, he ran into the door, which was open against the sofa heehee, he was ok though because he carried on with his zoomies heehee.

an another time we where in my bedroom and my doc martins where on my stack of hat boxes I just heard a thud and a yelp he had pulled them off on top of him, he was ok just gave himself a fright, typical boy into everything lol

another time he got hold of a hair roller and was throwing it about it ended up stuck to his face then the top of his head then back stuck to his face was sooo funny to watch

another time he got hold of a red onion and a small potato an was having sooooo much fun batting them around the lounge :)( don't worry he didn't try to eat them just played with them) .
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