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Just joined, advice needed please!!!

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Hi,I have just joined the dog forum as I really need some advice. I got a rescue dog over a year ago, he has taken along time to train and I have put all my efforts into it. He now understands lots of commands ( he completes these when he chooses to ) however he picks and chooses what he wants to do and when he wants to listen.
He has always had a bed on the hallway so as he can see us all night long, he is allowed in our room during the day but we have had to put a stair gate across at night. The main reason for this is because he was disturbing us during the night when he could wonder into our room and would not settle. We did this around 6 months ago.
As I stated he seems to listen when he wants to and looks away when I ask him to do something he has previously done with no issue. The last couple of months he has run under our bed when I ask him to go in his bed or when he sees us settle for the night and refuses to come out. I have now blocked under the bed as I do not want to ban him from our room completely, he just sits on my bed and when I ask him to go to his bed now he looks away and refuses to move. I have to pick him up and then he tries to jump out of my arms and pushes the items I have used to block the bed with!! I then have to wait for him to come out and try to get him into his bed again. Once he is in his bed he sleeps fantastic all night long.
I was extremely firm with him tonight as it's just getting too much it seems to go on forever at night, I think I need to block the bed with something better but I want to understand why he listens sometimes and other times doesn't. He gets lots of love,attention,walks,play time etc so I do not get it?! I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and the whole situation is making me so stressed because he won't follow basic commands.
My dog ended up shaking in his bed tonight as I was firm with him and now I've ended up crying because I feel guilty.
Could somebody please offer some advice???
Thank you
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I want to understand why he listens sometimes and other times doesn't.
There are three main reasons in my view why a dog doesn't comply with what we ask.

First, he doesn't understand. That's where training comes in, you need to teach him what you want, and reward when he gets it right so he knows he has done the right thing.

Second, the motivation or reward of doing what he is already doing is higher than the motivation or reward of doing what you are asking. This is why some dogs won't, for example, recall when they are playing or chasing squirrels. So make sure what you offer is of far higher value - or, if you can't beat something, don't allow the opportunity for it to happen (i.e. don't set him up to fail).

Third, you are working against a deeply rooted breed trait that the dog has been selectively bred for over centuries. There is a reason why we don't use terriers to herd sheep - it can be done but it is a lot harder.

You said that once he is in his bed, he sleeps all night. It sounds like he just wants to be closer to you - if his bed was right next to yours would he sleep all night there? If so, that sounds like an easy win-win.
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