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Goals (will add more after these are accomplished, these are the necessary ones):

1. Curb reactivity/excitement (be able to walk past other dogs on leash calmly; be able to interact with dogs at dog park politely)

2. Have Jupiter be calm when visitors come over

3. Learn game of fetch

How to Teach ANY Dog to Play Fetch

4. enter crate on command without presence of food

5. Go to bed on command

6. Be able to leave house without Jupiter trying to follow me out of the door

Kikopup door manners

How to teach your dog to not run away (Zak George)
7. Be able to walk well on leash in strange environments (strengthen leash manners)

How to train a dog to not pull on a leash (Zak George)

Stop Pulling and 'yo-yoing' (kikopup)
8. General Calmness

How to have dog sit under table in café (Kikopup)

Kikopup How to Train Calmness in Dogs Part II
9.strengthen the following:


Teach Dog to Drop it by playing tug of war (Treat Pouch)
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