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We have a couple of our girls who sometimes do strange things. One when we have dark evenings will sit behind or under the bottom of the patio curtain for ages just looking at something. We have checked many times and sometimes quietly go upstairs to look out of an upstairs window to see what she may be watching. If it were a mouse, rat, fox or a cat she would be quiet excited and not be sitting just watching. There is never anything to be seen.
Our excuse for this behavior is that she is just watching some Fairies or maybe one of the many dogs that has been buried in our small garden has come out to visit her!! Hmm, I know we must be nut's if we really think that, but we are happy to think it.

We have another girl (the other ones daughter) who will sometimes, when we are sitting and watching the tv, almost goes into a trance, her eyes are huge and she appears to watch/stare at something moving in the room, sometimes slowly and sometimes following it quiet quickly yet we see nothing ! Again we say it must be a fairy.

I am sure there is a perfectly sensible answer, but we have not found one yet. ;)

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