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New Year's Resolutions!
I know it's a bit early, but I always enjoy this topic. Especially on Dog Forum! Do you have any New Year's Resolutions this year? Did you accomplish the ones you set for yourself last year?​

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I am going to start off with last year's resolutions that I posted in the 2018 thread.

1. Get enrolled into school.
---> I have been in contact with an enrollment counselor and will hopefully be starting school in August. I will be going to school for canine training/obedience! I have not done this and have decided to look elsewhere for an education!

2. Survive camp.
---> I was one of the few returners from previous summers asked to return this summer. I have applied to work in the kitchen because it pays better and I feel that I no longer have the stamina to be one of the counselors. It will also give me the weekends off to work at Starbucks. I did this! I worked for 45 days straight, 48 hour weeks. I ended up leaving Starbucks.

3. Save as much money as I can this summer.
---> Im going to pay up front for school so that I do not get anymore monthly payments! I did not enroll in school, but I did save up money!

4. Stay focused on school!
---> Focus is hard for me. Pfft!

5. Save up to get my own place/obtain my own place.
---> I don't want to be 1,200+ miles away from my boyfriend anymore, lol. So we are both saving our money. He's coming to Maine first. I also want to get Keave back (he's staying with my parents right now) so I need my own place! Did not do this, my parents bought a house and I moved into the lower half of it. Boyfriend was going to join me but his grandmother got diagnosed with cancer. For now we are waiting to see what happens.

6. Visit Kentucky before camp.
---> Visit my boyfriend. I did this and it was amazing! I love Kentucky!

7. Get into therapy/counseling.
---> I desperately need this for my mental health. I did not do this, but will be soon hopefully.

My 2019 New Year's Resolutions!
  • Get a second job.
  • Pay off the rest of my college loan - I do not have much left.
  • Fix my credit score (Medical bills are a pain in the butt).
  • Apply for the academy I am looking into.
  • Move in with my boyfriend, whether that be in Maine or Kentucky.

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Im glad that you got some of your goals done! I hope your mental health continues to improve with or without therapy and also that you can continue to save up money for your other goals.

This is kind of depressing but technically I didnt accomplish any of my resolutions. I applied to a few more explosives detection canine handler jobs but I obviously havent gotten it. I did try really hard to get a terrier puppy and saved up money but my landlord said a firm no. I contacted a trainer about nose work with Delilah twice but both times she told me she was on vacation and after the second time I got really anxious about it.

However I have joined a gym and am trying to eat healthier. I also am saving money more easily and Im not financially struggling as much as I was at this point last year. I started recording an EP with my band (not a full length album though) but we didnt get the chance to finish yet. And I made some new friends. So I did some things that are related to new year resolutions that Im pretty happy about!

No resolutions for this year. I dont want to be disappointed when I dont accomplish them.

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Oh awesome, I really don't think I accomplished much this last year but here we go!

1) Find a place to move into next summer. Ideally, be able to purchase my own place and be able to take Chisum, Sophie, and Friday (my cat) to live with me.

I did! I wasn't able to purchase my own place but did find a cute little house to rent with a nice yard and now have Chisum and Sophie with me. Friday still lives with my parents as he didn't much care for town (fickle cat).

2) Help Sophie earn her CGC and maybe start agility classes (purely for fun).

Nope. We didn't even finish obedience class as I got too busy and missed several sessions. I might consider enrolling her again and giving it another shot, we'll see.

3) Work with Chisum on impulse control. My goal (once we are living together again) is to do exercises at least daily as well as get through the relaxation protocol.

Nope. He's only been living with me for a few months anyway, but we have definitely not done this.

4) Increase sport-ish training with Chisum. This would include extra nosework as well as dabbling in agility, purely for fun and just in the backyard.

Kind of? We have some jumps and stuff that I will set up in the backyard and he really likes those. I'm also getting back into nose work with him, but we've only just started doing that.

5) Get outside more! I'd like to start exploring hiking trails in the area, particularly ones where my dogs can come along.

Yes, but not as much as I would like. My hiking buddy moved away so it's been difficult for me to go out because I hate going alone.

6) Up the exercise, seriously. I wish I could walk to work; even though I'm close enough to walk I'm not close enough that I could get home for lunch to let the dogs out like I need to. I might look into biking.

Well, I moved farther away from work so definitely cannot walk now but I have been working on increasing my exercise. Did a long workout last night!

7) Keep up a good GPA throughout grad school - I'll be taking one class next semester and one this summer.

So far so good!

8) PAY OFF STUDENT LOANS!!! This one might be a bit optimistic, but I'm hoping I can have at least 90% paid back by the end of the year.

Yeah, not even close. My new place is more expensive too so I have less to put away for savings. But still working towards it!

2019 Resolutions:

* Get a second (third?) job. I quit my delivery job because the schedule didn't work out and am now looking for something different.

* Get back into nosework with Chisum.

* Get out and about more with Chisum. He needs more exposure to the world.

* Lose weight! (ha)

* Become more financially healthy. Focus more on how I'm spending my money and don't buy things that aren't needed. Find the best price for everything possible.

* Be more social. Maybe try to join a club. My friends are all farther away now so it's definitely time to try to make some new ones.

Lets see if I can actually keep these. :p

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Here were my 2018 goals:

1) Graduate!!! Woohoo! (preferably with high honors)

-DONE! I graduated a semester early, Summa cum laude in May!

2) Get a new freakin job!

-DONE! I work for a great mission-focused start up company in Boston!

3) Compete with Aspen in Barn Hunt since she apparently loves it...

-DONE! Aspen currently has her RATN and is working towards her RATO!

4) Get Aspen doing full runs on flyball

-DONE! She should be debuting this year!

5) Perfecting Aspen's heel

-Hmm... kind of done? It's great and I'm happy with where it is although it's not a perfect, snappy Competition Obedience heel.

6) Get my BC puppy

-DONE! And she's awesome!

7) Train a perfect recall on my pup (a late in the year goal, of course)

-DONE! Her recall is absolutely incredible!

8) Teach the pup to swim

-DONE! She LOVES swimming and we swim several times per week in the summer and about once per week now that it's cold out.

2019 goals:

1) Debut Aspen at a flyball tournament - she's VERY sensitive so it has taken a lot to get her to where we are.

2) Compete in dock diving with Breeze (no expectations for placements, just see how she does in the environment)

3) More hiking!

4) Take a backpacking trip

5) Commit to a healthier lifestyle
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