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I need advice! My dog has started having very severe itchy skin issues.

It started with her getting fleas around the end of July. We gave her a flea treatment. We have not seen ANY fleas since.

I also have 5 cats and zero fleas on them, zero itching for them.

Since then Trixie (my dog) has been super itchy though. At first we just figured it was a reaction from the fleas. But it has only gotten worse.

She is now having bald spots! She is scratching herself mad.

I have tried an oatmeal bath and a soothing spray, neither did anything to help.

She has pretty thin hair anyways, and I have looked over every inch of her body. I have also flea combed her. I am not seeing a single flea or any flea poop.

But there is this weird circle of dark specs on her belly. This is the only place on her looking like this. Which I think would be weird if it were fleas?

Nothing in her life has changed. Same diet.

Also all the itching seems to be on her behind & upper back thighs.

This is on her lower belly and it is the ONLY place on her that looks like this.

bad bald spots

Does anyone have any ideas on what this could be?
Is there anything I can do to help sooth her?

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Time for the vet. I had to do that with Zody, when he started to scratch holes in his spots. I think Zody's is a combo of fleas (only takes one bite to set off a reaction) and environmental allergies. I generally start him out on Benedryl and once that stops working (and at some point it does) bring him to the vet for something stronger, last year the vet prescribed Temaril P, basically antihistamine and prednisone, this year he prescribed Apoquil. I hate to give him either of those, and wish I could stick to the Benedryl, but without it he's miserable and will scratch himself till he's raw.

Is what's on Trixie dirt or is it scabs? What Zody will do is target one area, I guess it itches the most, and will scratch till his skin gets sort of like that. It'll start with hair loss and redness, but if he keeps going he gets tiny tears in the skin that scab over like that. If it's dirt like coffee grains it's liable to be flea dirt, to find out if that's the case try putting some in a drop of water and see if they turn it a reddish color.

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That looks like flea dirt on her tummy. I would make sure your flea product is working. She could be allergic to the fleas so if they just jump on on bite that could cause the itching. But the flea dirt says they are living on he skin to leave the black stuff. I think you still have a flea problem.
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