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Hello, my lab is 3 years old and we are battling her skin problems since we got her.
We only have one vet nearby and we took her there multiple times but the vet would just give her steroids and antibiotics and after taking the meds she would be good for a week and then the itching would come back. She mainly eats chicken, she was eating fish for a month to check if chicken is the causing the allergy but it stayed the same.
On the places where she is itchy, mainly back and beginning of the tail, fur appears to grow white(she is purebreed chocolate lab without color mutations, she didnt have anything white when she was younger), so the root of the hair is white while the rest is normal color, and it's also rough on touch.
She is also losing the hair...
I will post the picture.
Do you know what can it be and how to ease her itchiness?
Here are the pics:
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