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My American Staffordshire terrier has been itching to death for months now. Two vet visits, no resolution. Vet claims it's just allergies and wouldn't give her meds but just Benadryl. We'll, 3 weeks later, it's worse than ever. Now there is a rash on the back of her neck and her paws are getting bald and inflamed from her licking them at night( we make sure to stop her from licking or scratching during the day, but then we go to sleep and she goes to town). Here are a few pictures, in case anyone can help me! We do have yet another appointment coming up in a couple of days, but I am desperate to help her ASAP. We've tried multiple medicated shampoos, omega acids, coconut oil, itch spray, cortisone spray to no avail. Thank you all in advance!

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Ideally,you could try to find out what she is allergic to.

Can you wash all of her bedding etc in non-bio detergent? After every walk, wash her down in plain water (in case it is an external irritant).

Then the harder one, look at her food.does it contain grains/cereals, or chicken? A surprising number of dogs are intolerant to these. An elimination diet is harder work but possible. For 6 weeks feed a diet that is grain free, and with a single protein that she hasn't had before - like goat, ostrich or kangaroo. That lets the source of any food allergy clear from her system. Then add back one thing - say, chicken - and see if she has a flare up. Then you will know what the trigger is.
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