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We-e-ellllll ... yes and no. I do believe dogs should have their own beds (my 2 have 1 each, plus a spare), but that article is based on dominance theory - and that was obsolete at least 10 years ago.

The reasons why I think dogs should have their own bed is simple;

1) Arthritis/age. As they age, those joints can start to ache, hurt and the dog becomes stiff. The day may come when the dog can't actually get on the bed anymore, leaving you with a dilemma -, put your mattress on the floor to accommodate the dog, or get the dog his or her own bed (you could get a ramp, if the room was big enough, I suppose).

2) Resource Guarding. My laid-back lurcher suddenly started to guard the bed with a growl as I got in. I wasn't having that, so I lured her off with a few treats. Now, I throw a bed time treat into her bed, next to mine, and she settles down. If she then chooses to come and sleep on my bed with me, she has that choice.

3) Fidgeting (either you or the dog). I have a skin condition, constantly scratching, which seems so much worse at night. Last night, it was so bad even trying to sleep in the same room as me proved too much for Milly (and I bet Honey, in her crate beside me, envied her sister tha , and she took herself off to sleep on her bed in the living room.
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