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o I just adopted a (now) 10 week old puppy a week ago, When I first brought her home she as doing well and peeing on the pads by herself. Now I move within that week and she has relapsed. Can you give me advice as to whether or not it sounds good or how I should train her?
0700-0730 Potty
0730-0745 Breakfast
0735-0815 Play
0815-0845 Potty
0845 In crate for nap
1130 Potty
1200 Lunch
1200-1230 Play
1230-1300 Potty
1300 Back in crate for nap
1600-1630 Potty
1630-1715 Dinner
1715-1730 Play
1730-1800 Potty
1800 Nap
2100-2130 Potty
2130-2200 Play
2200-2230 Potty
2230-2300 Nap
0300 Potty
0330 Nap

I work night shifts 3 days out of the week and so I am gone from 7pm-7am some days. I figure those days I can have her stay in the bathroom along with her toys, crate as her den and potty pad. I did that the other day during my night shift and when I came back all her pees and poos were on the mats! But today when I take her out to potty she will just lay there and then when i let her roam she will automatically find a place to go potty. Even when I take her to the pad as soon as I see her sniffing, she just lays down. Is the schedule ok for my days off and is leaving her like I did last night ok for my work days? Also what can I do about her lying down and then taking off to pee in the carpet right after?
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