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Hello, I adopted a 9 month old puppy yesterday. They told me she is a mastiff/chocolate lab mix, but at 9 months shes 40 pounds so im not sure.
I live in an apartment and can not have a dog that barks, I have not left her alone yet for a long time and want to know if you think she is likely to have separation anxiety or bark.

her behaviour is as follows:

1. sleeps like 95% of the time
2. doesnt root around in things
3. just kinda sleeps in whatever room im in, she will follow me if i change rooms after a few minutes, then plop down and sleep there
4. I dont think she is looking for constant attention, if you go her to just hug her or pet her, she just kinda stays calm, often just going back to sleep. she loves a good cuddle if I pat the couch im on (but sometimes she walks away and lays down instead)
5. She is very protective/possessive of people, she barks if someone who pet her pets another dog. But she doesn't otherwise show aggression to the dog.
6. she barks when she hears stuff outside, only a few barks as I try to calmly get her to recognize that I am not bothered by whatever it is and tell her firmly no barking.

today I left her in my bedroom and left the apartment for five minutes and she didnt bark or paw the door, When i came in she was lying about 4 feet from the door but didnt get super excited when she saw me, I left her for 15 while I was in the living room and still quiet but she was sniffing under the door by the end and was lying by the door (she had to get up so I could open it, I walked in to the room and she went to the living room. looking into the hall to see if i would join her.

I have severe anxiety and just want to know if my fears are legitimate or not

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Hi Birdchick,

Welcome to the Dog Forum! And, congratulations on your new puppy!

I think you'll find this article helpful:

This is the opening paragraph:

“'Three days, three weeks, three months.' That’s the mantra of many dog trainers and behaviorists, when welcoming a new dog into their household. The “magic of threes” is especially relevant when adopting an adolescent or adult dog into your home. Dogs, especially non-puppies, are often in a bit of shock for the first three days in a new home, and don’t show you too much about who they are until they’ve been there a few days. After three weeks many dogs have settled in such that they behave as though they feel like they are “home” now, but don’t fit into your routine until about three months have gone by."

Right now, your dog sounds like she is in shock. Her stress levels seem very high, and she is shut down. Right now, you need to give her a lot of time to decompress. Don't expect too much. Let her be.
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