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Back story: We, unfortunately, rehomed our Dogo Argentino at 9months old just 4 weeks ago. He became extremely aggressive towards my 13 & 18 yo daughters, biting both of them and breaking the skin both times. This happened at 3months and again at 7 months old. Recently at 9 months old, he chased, in the most aggressive way my daughter through the house at 93 pounds, very scary for her and me. I wasn't going to wait for him to go after my 3rd daughter who is 8 and do more damage so we made the decision to rehome him with a friend.

I have a 10-week old Apbt who just received his second round of vaccines yesterday. My question is, is it ok to allow him in our backyard (supervised) just 4 weeks after rehoming our last dog who was a house dog, but used the backyard? The yard is visually clean and free of any dangers, Just concerned if it could be problematic for the puppy, say Parvo.

Side note: We have been letting him roam and potty-train on the concrete portion (side of the house) since he came to us at 8 weeks old. Our last dog (9months old) hung out there as well.

Your thoughts.
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