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Is he a German or Belgian?

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It's too early to tell. If he's a shelter dog he's very likely not pure GSD or Belgian. Let's see how he looks in a good 6-9 months.
Have to agree with @trackie88, let's wait awhile. Very pretty, love the fur color.

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We'd need to see more pictures, as well as waiting for the dog to age.
All the shepherd puppies I've had were bigger as puppies. Especially this last one. Below are some pictures of my Belgian around 2-3 months. Honestly your cutie looks like a shepherd golden retriever mix. There's a 6 month old golden shepherd mix at the shelter I work at who looks exactly like that (a bit bigger). Has the longer hair, black mask, and adorable expression.
Either way he's absolutely adorable and, like everyone else says, wait until he's older and see. I can't wait to see what he ends up looking like.


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