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Is Cinnamon Safe For Dogs? It depends on what kind you’re using.

There’s nothing like the smell of cinnamon that envelopes a home and announces: “There’s something fresh and tasty baking in this kitchen!” Humans love the taste and smell of cinnamon (unless, of course, it’s that stupid dare where you have to eat a whole spoon of cinnamon at one sitting), but can our dogs partake in all of this spice’s goodness? Yep, they sure can! Adding it to food, whether it’s in a meal or an ingredient in a treat, is perfectly safe for your pooch – as long as it’s the right kind.
Let’s clarify that last sentence. There are two types of cinnamon available: Ceylon Cinnamon Tree (its bark is used to make Ceylon Cinnamon) and the Chinese Cinnamon Tree (its bark is used to make Cassia Cinnamon). The one that’s safe for dogs is Ceylon Cinnamon as it has low levels of courmarin. Courmarin is a natural organic chemical compound that can be found in many plants. Cassia Cinnamon has higher levels of courmarin, which may pose a potential health risk to your pooch.

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Is Cinnamon Safe For Dogs? | The Honest Kitchen Blog
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