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Irka from France

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Hello from France! My partner and I adopted Irka from a shelter. She is a purebreed rottweiller but is a little on the small side. Because she is a rottweiller we had hard time adopting her. She is considered dangerous dog so we had to collect all sorts of papers, had several home visits and had to be approved from the mayor. But in the end Irka came home with us. Sadly because she is a rottweiller, in public, she can't be without leash or muzzle. Luckly there is a private garden close, so she can run a little.

She is a lover and as lazy as they come. She had some issues, but in just three month she had become almost perfect. In only two months she also got really friendly with our cats. :)

In few months, when we move to a house with a garden we plan to adopt another dog. It was always my dream to have a show dog, so this time we will go to a breeder and get something small and fluffy. :D We are considering several breeds, that will be able to play with Irka and fit our lifestlye.

Irka is sending you all very big rottweiller kisses!


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What a great lookin dog! You are so fortunate to have him and I'm sure he's very grateful to you for giving him a permanent home. I've had a dog as my companion since 1988: A Puli (Bogie), a Beagle (Joe Buck) and the Beagle I adopted two years ago (Pikey). My very best wishes to you and Irka.
Lucky dog

What a good looking dog.
She is very lucky to have an owner like you :)
Thank you. :D I am actually very lucky to find a dog that is as lazy as me. :D We just fit, which is amazing. :D I hope everyone who adopts finds as good fit as I did.
Yes, Irka is a very good looking dog. It's hard to believe that in France you had to go through all that trouble, Mayor, etc. to adopt him. And it's terrible that he has to wear a muzzle in public!!! Here in the US he would be considered just another dog. But I think a breed's reputation depends on what people make them out to be.
In the US, the regulations are definitely looser, but public view still suffers. Apartment complexes still have strict regulations and bans on breeds such a rotties, GSDs, pit bulls, etc. Which is sad, because I have met more cuddly sweeties in breeds such as these than I have that are aggressive and mean like they are made out to be. Thank god for people like you who give these breeds a chance! He looks like a total sweetheart!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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