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I discovered this forum a few months ago and I have been reading it daily. It's so exciting to find a group of people that love dogs the way I do!

I have had dogs my entire life. Growing up I had two salt and pepper mini schnauzers (not at the same time). Now, my husband and I have two mini schnauzers.

Our older dog, Zed, is a 4 year old solid black male mini schnauzer. He is my husband's first dog. Zed is a really smart and fun little guy who won my husband over (my husband was previously not a dog lover).

Our younger dog, Ollie, is almost 8 months old. He is a gorgeous black and silver male miniature schnauzer. Ollie is one of the sweetest, most laid-back schnauzers I have ever met.

Both dogs came from the same highly successful show breeder, but from different lines.

Both of my boys have gone through beginners obedience, intermediate obedience, and are now in an advanced obedience class. I firmly believe training is life long, so they will both continue in this class for many years.

Ollie is especially well behaved and sweet natured and I am preparing him to become a therapy dog through TDI (I chose TDI because they are both reputable and active in my area).

Anyways, I'm looking forward to contributing to the forum and learning more from all of you!


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Hi and welcome! :)

Your dogs are adorable!

I'm also working on getting my dog pet therapy certified. She starts CGC classes next week. I also enjoy teaching her different tricks. She's a smart girl and loves to learn. Sara Carson and her two dogs Hero and Marvel are my inspiration haha... I watch their videos all the time!

Looking forward to getting to know you and your dogs better. We have a really great group of people on here :)
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