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Our new temp foster. No I have not named her as when I name dogs they tend to end up staying *cough* Karma *cough*...

This dog looks soooo much like Abby(when she was younger, less grey, and her coat wasn't crappy from her allergies) it's crazy. We saw her wandering around on wednsday evening I beleive and when I first saw her my mind immediately jumped to "is Abby at home" and my dad was 100% sure she was. Then the following morning she ended up sniffing around our front yard. My dad was in the kitchen and happened to look out and see her and asked me if Abby was inside. And well she was sitting next to me on the sofa. So I went out and grabbed this little girlie. She is sooo freaking sweet. She's a little on the shy/nervous side, but such a sweet heart.

Due to her personality/temperment she actually fits in really well with our crew. She's completely non-confrontational and since Abby acts like a brat with strange dogs in the house she gives her her space and Abby puts up with her. Karma on the other hand isn't to happy with the new kid in the house.

Anyway we're still looking for her owners, but in the event that we can not locate them we may have a friend interested in adopting her. They met her when we found her and she seems like she'd be a really good fit for their family. The mom does a lot of hiking and she's be a great hiking partner so hopefully if we can't find her owners it works out that they can take her.

Poor thing is petrified of dog toys especially squeaky toys(she was terrified when I tried engaging her with the squeaky tug toy), but she adores water bottles(go figure).

Anywho here's Abby's look alike. Her ears are slightly smaller and she lacks the grey patch on her chest, but in certain pictures(like the first one) she looks like a mirror image of a younger less grey Abby

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