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I've posted my introduction already, so now it's time for the dogs...

Lila is the lil mutt on the left, and Henry's the dachshund on the right;

Lila was my first dog, who we got when I was 10. Unsure of her breed mix - we guessed eskie/sheltie/some kind of terrier, and god knows what else. She is quite a critter dog; loves chasing small mammals, though zero interest in birds. She was a stray living in Puerto Rico (a sato), and was about 5 or 6 years old when she came to the shelter up in Salem. She was a very lucky doggy; she spent less than 24 hours in the shelter before we adopted her :3 She's around 12 now, and hasn't shown many signs of aging, the darling girl <3 She doesn't really 'play' in the go-fetch sense; I guess she never really had a chance to learn about toys and playing in her early years. But she does love to romp around outside, especially in the snow :D

Henry was just adopted a bit over a year ago; he was abandoned (tied to a fence for two days in the chilly post-winter weather and brought to the local vet clinic by animal control :( He was going to be put down if nobody wanted him, and I'm -so- glad we have him now (even though, thankfully, one of the vets was ready to take him if we didn't) Despite having Cushing's (giving him a huge potbelly), arthritic/odd little legs, a few tumors here and there, and a not-entirely-pleasant rough coat, he's just such a sweet little guy and everyone who meets him loves him <3 He could care less about cats and loves other dogs. My parents were dubious about getting him at first, but he's now as much a part of the family as any of us... Maybe not physically, but mentally, he's a great example of his breed :3 One of his most prominent dachshund quirks is tunneling under blankets... his bed is just a large dog pillow bed w/ a selection of old sheets/blankets/comforters, and he burrows on in whenever he gets the urge :p I seriously can't imagine how somebody could abandon my little guy the way he was found. I have a hunch he was likely abused beforehand as well, because he gets so nervous if you make a sudden move towards him or seem like you might hit him, like it's been ingrained in his poor little puppy mind to expect to get hurt for no reason... and even walking around, minding his own business, 'at ease' he keeps his tail tucked tightly. He's definitely been raised as a very submissive dog :/
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