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Hi there, I'm hoping to get some advice on my animals.

Let me introduce you to my pack for some background.
My dog
First there's Milo, he's a Jack Russel / Maltese (possibly some other dog) cross. I got this dog when I was still a teenager and didn't know how to properly train him back then, he is going on 11 now. Milo has not been neutered. He barks a lot, jumps up on people and is still very hyper considering his age.

My kittens
I live in a flat we built in the backyard where I have recently rescued two kittens who's mother had abandoned them.

Dad's dog
Roxy is my father's dog, she is a boxer / staffordshire cross we adopted from the animal shelter two years ago. She was a bit nervous around people since she was taken away from bad owners. It's gotten better but sometimes she will will shy away if you try to pet her. Roxy has been spayed.

Roxy and Milo get along just fine and live in the backyard quite happily.

Mom's Dog
Now about a year ago, I got my mother a maltese for her birthday. His name is Wollie. He lives and sleeps inside the house with mom and dad and she uses the front of the yard to take him outside for his business. He has not been neutered yet.

Alright, now that that's done, let me tell you what's going on.

Roxy is pretty placid with Wollie, but Milo gets agressive if he sees him. He will bark, jump and attempt to attack him if we try to introduce them on a leash. We have tried feeding them together and showing both of them affection together but that did not work either.

Additionally, I am worried about the kittens. They are almost 8 weeks and need to start getting used to dogs. Ideally I'd prefer them to be indoor cats, but I would also like to allow Roxy and milo to come into the flat when invited and not have my kittens mauled.

Any advice on how to proceed or correct my animals behaviour is appreciated, thank you in advance.
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