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Hello, I am a product design student and I am conducting a research for dogs reactions to stimuli. I would appreciate anyone sharing information regarding these questions. :)

1.Does your dog ever act out? If so, what are the causes for their behaviors and what time is this behavior the most active?

2.How would you calm down your dog in those situations? Are there anything specific you do? (food, hugs, etc...)

3.Are there any products you are using to calm your dog, or are there any you've heard of in the market.

4.Are there any specific noises your dog does not like.

5.How would you know if your dog likes a product.

6.Are there any products that will make your dog uncomfortable.

7.How does your dog behaves around other dogs?

8.Are there any difference in the type of stimuli depending on the type of dog, whether it is their breed or size?

9.Does it make a difference if the dog is a indoor dog or an outdoor dog?

10.What kind of product would you prefer to use if it can calm your dog? (bulky, collars, harness, sound, etc...)

All of this information will be used for research purposes only. Thank you very much. :D
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