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1,000 magnets removed from inside dog -

MICKLEHAM, Australia, Aug. 31 (UPI) -- An Australian woman said her dog is recovering from emergency surgery to remove 1,000 magnets from its stomach.
Cathy James of Mickleham said her 11-year-old [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]Australian cattle dog[/COLOR][/COLOR], Polly, swallowed the magnets from her office Aug. 11 and underwent emergency surgery the next day when the sharp items made the animal ill, the Melbourne Herald Sun reported Monday.
"The vet said it wouldn't be that many, but when they operated there was half a gravel track in there as well," she said.
James said Polly, who is recovering from her surgery, has always been a curious eater, with previous items swallowed by the dog including a computer mouse, gardening gloves, a large rubber band and several rolls of fax paper.
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