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I have three older dogs, an 11 year old lab, a 10 year old GSD and a 6 year old lab mix. The older two were socialized a ton when they were younger and used to go to a dog enrichment center three times a week. The 6 year old ended up in our household when she was dumped in our neighborhood 5 years ago and I went 100% virtual for work so she never experienced all of the same socialization my dogs got. She is friendly though, and has done well with foster dogs who have passed through our home.

We recently adopted a puppy, he's been home for 2 weeks and is 10 weeks old. My two older dogs are fine with him, they're not playful but they are tolerant. My younger dog was playful with him at first, but now she's not aggressive, but not welcoming and she keeps scaring him, whacking him with a paw when he tries to pass into certain rooms. I am positive I've created this to some degree, because I keep him in his playpen in the office or out of it in the office with me and gate the other dogs out while I'm working during the day, because I can't monitor them when I am in meetings. Sometimes I also have to take him out to potty by himself so he'll focus and get it done instead of trying to get to the bigger dogs. So separating him or breaking up her play with him when she got way too rough seems to have created a gap between the two.

He can't go outside with the exception of my backyard yet, he's getting his second boosters on the 28th. He also starts puppy school at the dog enrichment facility on the 30th where he'll get to play with several other puppies and dogs and get a lot of socialization. I had taken him out shopping with me a few times (always carried him, never put him down), but he came down with an upper respiratory infection a week ago and has been on antibiotics (finished his last dose yesterday). He's all better now, thank goodness. Which was another reason I had to keep him segregated in his playpen so I could keep him quiet so he could get well.

I'm just trying to figure out how to repair/undo what I may have inadvertently broken in his relationship with my younger dog. Maybe I need to lock my older two away and focus on time with the two younger dogs together? My lab tries to get in the middle of everything. She is a barker and she'll stand and bark her head off while I'm trying to monitor the younger two and that doesn't help. I'm not concerned that the younger dog will hurt the puppy, just concerned that her attitude has changed from playful and it is impacting the puppy's confidence in my home.

I may just end up having a professional come over and observe/suggest.
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