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Input Wanted

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Hi! :)
I’m just wondering about something my dog did.
So, today when we were outside for her playtime, she saw a bird on the grass and chased it. The bird flew above the fence and out of reach for my dog. I never thought my dog was the kind of dog who chased things. She just seems more laid back.
About 3 months ago, when we had stray kittens, I put one on my dog's back and she got scared. The cat was even less scared of her than she was of the cat. The cat turned out to have fleas, but she wasn't affected.
Even with mice. She used to be afraid of them too. And also, when I have a robotic snake or spider or even Zomer the Robotic Dog, my dog jumps and runs away.
Could it be that she has grown up a little?
Thank you!
I hope to hear back from you guys soon! :huddle: :thumbsup:
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It could just be that she sees birds as prey, and does not see smaller mammals as prey. Or it could be that she's "growing up" and becoming more confident, as you say. It could really be any number of things that motivated her to chase the bird while being previously scared of other small animals -- maybe the way it moved, looked, or smelled, or maybe she just got a wild hair. We can never know for certain why they do everything they do. I don't think it's uncommon for dogs to be scared of the robotics though. =P
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