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Input Wanted about Backward Sneeze

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My Beagle has a 'backward sneeze' almost every day. He begins to heave and appears to be choking. It scared me the first time it happened so I went to the Internet to look for answers. It was a huge relief to find that this behavior is not an emergency, so I could relax. There are several videos on the internet showing different breeds having a 'backward sneeze'.
There are a few things you can do if this happens to your dog. The only thing new that I have to offer that seems to help a little:

When the 'sneeze' seems almost over, allow you dog to lick a small amount of butter or margarine from your fingertip.

If you do nothing, the event will stop with none the worse for your dog.
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Our dog also has them, seems to run in cycles, will do it some, daily for awhile, then weeks or months before she does it again. Our Vet says, small breeds are more prone to it, but offered no reason. Once its over, Samantha seems no worse for the wear, so to speak.
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