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Indoor Housetraining Ideas?

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Our Brussels Griffon is a great part of our family except for the one thing that a lot of people complain about. She has accidents in our house - of course, always on the carpet - never on the ceramic tile floor! :)
As much as we've tried, I believe the accident are caused by her reluctance to go outside for long periods of time when it's wet, raining, cold, or snowing. We live in northern Ohio, so this weather is common.

So here's the deal. 'Penny' is 4 years old. I believe the she wants to go outside to do her business, but like I said, she's reluctant to stay out and even when we walk her, it doesn't seem to matter. I'm wondering if there's another option. Does anyone have any success with any kind of in-house system that would allow her to do her business on a selected area; a matt, a device, etc., without ending up on the plush, carpeting?

I know they sell things for this purpose but thought I'd get some ideas first.

If you say that it's my responsibility to walk her 3 times a day for a 1/2 hour and if I don't, I shouldn't own a dog, then don't bother responding. That's not why I'm asking.

I'm thinking that there must be situations where people own dogs without the option of taking them outside; on boats, high rise apartments, etc. What do they do?

Thanks for understanding and helping.