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As dogs owner I experienced that running with your dogs is a very positive activity because it improves the connection with your dog, it's healthy for both and it can be done with most of the breeds.
There are not big issues to worry about this activity, but it's better to know some basic information:
- you'd better start this activity in a place where there are no cars and when it's not hot. The dog suffers the heat more then you.
- it's good to start in the early stages of life of the dog
- give to the dog a positive experience and most of the time it's better to have short sessions. Give cuddles, rewards and do not force him/her.
- use the right equipment to run with shock absorber and safe ergonomic. There are some equipment out there and I really suggest to choose one with padded structure to avoid hair loss to the dog and no allergic material. I use the "Neewa running kit" from months and I find it great. It meets all of these suggestions, it's hands free and the quality is high.

You can be surprised on how much you and your dog can learn from the running activity. When you are connected with a bungee cord you both communicate your feelings and share the effort of the activity. If you are tired the dog will feel it and he/she will slow down and if you want to push more he/she will understand it. Of course everything will improve with more exercise, but even at the early stages you'll see some magic communication.
Further, despite other sport activity like mushing where you need a good size dog, running can be done with most of the breeds. Because you are directly connected in the activity and you both do exercise, if he/she gets tired you'll immediately understand avoiding the risk to hurt the dog. It can be done on the beach, on the snow on the grass. Just find some boots for the dog of you run in a place where there are rocks or heat ground to keep his/her paws safe.
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