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idiot neighbor doesnt confine her dogs

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Amo and I were on our way to his favorite store for no reason in particular when we were charged by two big lab looking dogs only two houses down from our own! I've seen this lady and her dogs before, throwing a tennis ball straight up the middle of the street -_-
Anyway these dogs came out hair raised and circled us. THANK GOD I was with Amo! He squealed and rolled and hid and we were allowed to pass.
Even though we are unharmed, that was extremely lucky. I just as easily could've been walking with Dexter who is dog aggressive and owner guarding. I would have had to protect my dog from two much bigger ones. A full on dog fight. The owner btw was NOWHERE. I was being quite rude quite loud about what happened too.
This is two houses down from my own! I am so lucky that I normally walk Dexter in the other direction. UGH. we are moving in a month further out into the country and stuff like this is exactly why.
There's my rant, thank you !
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If this happened to me (thank goodness you and your dogs are OK) I would have called and filed a complaint with the police/animal control. Many jurisdictions have leash laws and dog responsibility laws. I know you are moving, but you are not moving today. You have a right to be safe.
I should do that. I spoke to her once and she was complaining about the dogs. Someone left them there with her but they're hers but they're not?? She was intoxicated.
I should do that. I spoke to her once and she was complaining about the dogs. Someone left them there with her but they're hers but they're not?? She was intoxicated.
That may be a statutory issue, in some jurisdictions if you have a dog for a certain length of time, absent theft of the dog, it is yours.
And if they a statutorily not her dogs, animal control can pick them up. They may be given a chance to be rehomed, or if they are in fact vicious they may be euthanized, but you cannot let yourself be emotionally blackmailed into not doing anything and letting yourself or your dogs possibly be really hurt in the future.
BTW, at this point, let animal control/the police handle the issue. You have notified her once and you can tell the police that.
That's crazy frustrating. I'm house-sitting for my dad for the next few days and he lives in this big condo complex (pretty common for where we live in Florida) and his new neighbor never keeps her dog on leash. She has an intact chihuahua whose walked to my back door before and I almost called animal control before she stumbled over drunk out of her mind and accused me of stealing him( I was trying to get a leash on him). Today I was driving to work and I saw him on the side of the street. I looked around and she was on the opposite side of the street, probably a block away from him. The Association's rules are pretty strict on this, so I'm going to inform security when I get home. Don't hesitate to report her, your dogs safety is the number one priority.
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Her dogs are not aggressive, or at least not very. But if they came into contact with a dog who doesn't roll over like Amo I can definitely see a fight happening, even more so if an aggressive one walks by.
I haven't seen them "wander" though. They stayed in her yard type area, BUT they did come out to the sidewalk and almost to the street.
I feel like if I call anyone now though the dogs probably wont be outside at this moment, I feel like they'd say "ok" knock on her door and then walk away without actually doing something
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