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Identify Puppy/ Breed Guesses ?

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I'm the proud/happy owner of a 2 year old pit/lab mix that I adopted when she was 9 weeks old. - Pepper has completed obedience classes and 5 agility classes.

Pepper needed a playmate and I was ready to go a few more rounds with puppyhood. Reno Humane Society introduced us to 3 month old Shadow and I knew she was the one for our family. I was told she was a pit mix; but she's got such big ears and such a narrow head/nose I'm not really sure what she is - other than stinking cute!

Any input is appreciated.


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zomg! those ears, too cute!

hard to say, but i would guess pit, maybe border collie? i dunno... lol, the cuteness of the ears threw me!

Pit mostly...hmmm... the ears. I wonder if they'll go up. Maybe a bit of heeler or GSD in there?
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She looks like a pit/lab too!
Pit bull is my first guess :)
More Pics

Thanks everyone-

Here's two more pics.
Shadow's ears seem to be flopping over to the sides more instead of straight forward like they were when we first got her. Which does make her look more pit/lab-. She has a vet appointment Thursday so I'll post their feedback too.

Thanks again.


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APBT and possibly lab.
I definitely see the pit...but I agree lab.
Compared to Pepper

Over a week has went by with Shadow and she's defiantly starting to become the spitting image of Pepper- (we believe pit/lab) Ears to the side but still more up than Peppers were.
Vet tomorrow.


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Vet says Shadow is 5 Months!

Shadow had her vet appointment today- and apparently she's about 5 months, not 3 like the Human Society told us. But I understand that her chances of being adopted if people knew she was a black 5 month old pit mix , who wasn't house trained, would of greatly dropped.
We're just as happy as we were the day we brought her home..
Vet thinks she's a pit mixed with something else, but wasn't sure what.

That' great bhaur- do you know what you're Ruby's mix is?
So great! They really do look so alike. That's the same with my two mini schnauzers. When we are going on a walk my neighbors ask which one is which :p They do look alike but are not related at is 8 years old and one is 7 months old. Maybe when you get a puppy the same breed as your other dog the puppy just starts to look the same :D
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