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I Need a New Cue!

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Hey everyone!

Levi's 2o2o contacts are progressing nicely (Heidi's...not nearly as quickly, but she's young, so they will come), and I'm very nearly at the point when I can start naming it. I've started thinking of what I want to call it, but I'm kind of at a loss, so I'm open to suggestions from people.

A large problem is a lot of things that make sense to call it, my guys already have other behaviors associated with it.
Target - Go to a target on the ground somewhere (I don't really want to confuse them by saying "target" if there is no target present)
Touch - Is a nose touch to my hand (although, I've lately started leaving the cue and just using the presentation of the hand as the cue, since it's kind of redundant to have the physical and verbal cue together, so this one seems possible)
Hit/Hit It - It just sounds kind of similar to "sit" to me, so I'm not sure I'd want to use that one.
Wait - My obedience cue for "hold that thought, I'm about to give you another cue"

Thoughts? I'm not opposed to calling it something ridiculous either. :p
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I use wait (my universal ''freeze until I give further directions"), but ultimately my goal has been for my guys to stop and hold the contact uncued. I want the pause until released to be just a part of performing that obstacle if that makes sense. Take that with a grain of salt tough as I only dabble in agility. ;)
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Hold? Pause? Contact?
I use touch, I was able to get away from touching my hand and placed it there. I've also heard nail it and my favorite is stick it, like what gymnast do when they dismount something. Really it comes down to what rolls off your tongue the best.
I have just used "touch" on my 2o2o and my release word is OK. Once the 2o2o becomes automatic, I don't use the touch cue, just the release word, OK. Both my Doberman and my Shih Tzu x Maltese are the first dogs I have trained with a 2o2o, my other dogs were trained with a running contact.
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