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I messed up: Ginny peed in her crate!

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Hey, guys!

Ginny's potty training has been the world's easiest thing. She hasn't had an accident inside since the first week she's been home, and now, at four months, she seems to be able to hold it quite a long time if necessary.

This morning, she did her morning pottying at 6:45 like normal, and then at 7:30 we went for a walk, and she did some little pees that were more like marking than anything else, letting other dogs know she was around. I had some fairly urgent errands to run this morning, so around 8:15 I crated her up. She was whining a bit before this, but normally whining means "Pay attention to me," not "I have to pee." So I just shook it off, crated her up, and headed off.

I got home around 10:15, and when I went to get her out of the crate, she looked inconsolably sad. Which is weird for her. When she got out, I gave her a good petting and realized around her butt/tail was wet. The blanket was also damp, and a little bit of wet in the crate. I DID also give her ice cubes when I left because it's warm and our AC isn't working and she loves them something fierce, but with where the wetness on her is, I'm more inclined to think it was pee than melting ice cube. It maybe smelled like pee? But I'm not sure. It would have been a really light odor. I'm used to cat pee, which there's no denying if it's pee or not. ;P

ANYWAY. This is the only accident she's had since the first week she was home. We've long since stopped treating her for pottying outside, because honestly she had no interest in it most of the time. She would give us this look like, "Reallly?" and usually not take the treat. So after I let her out of the crate, investigated, then took her out, I did give her a treat when she pottied outside. She was really confused because it was so "easy." :p

Any suggestions on how I should proceed from here? I'm planning on taking the blanket out of her crate for a while so that it's a bit easier to spot if there's any accidents, though honestly her fur is more absorbing than the blanket. ;P I'm also planning on treating her for pottying outside again for a while, but I'm pretty sure this was just a freak accident because of how much water she's been drinking to combat the heat. I just really want to avoid suddenly developing potty issues when she's been so good about it for so long. <3
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Wouldn't worry about it too much if it's only a one time thing.

There are times with ours that he doesn't drain his bladder completely on a quick in and out - then ends up needing to go badly after a few hours. He's pooped on the floor - but only when he has severe diarrhea, can't help it, nobody's home and I can't blame him. But anyone that thinks a dog can't feel guilt should see this pup when I walk in the door and he's pooped in the condo. I swear he wants to cry.
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I wouldn't let it stress you. Once Heidi had HORRIBLE diarrhea in her crate. She was covered, blanket covered, crate bars covered. My poor husband was gagging so I had to send him outside while I dealt with the mess.
She's never had an accident since then. :p
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