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Slobber, my Bulldog, passed away early this morning. My family and I are grieving for him every second and I'm feeling really sad. So I guess I'm just gonna share some of my memories of him with you.

I had wanted a dog since I was really young, like 4 years old. I always wanted a Husky, but my parents didn't allow it because they molted heavily. To be honest, I hated Bulldogs at first. Then, I was 13 when I received Slobber as a birthday gift as I was turning into a teenager an it was a big deal to my family. I opened this brown box with tiny holes, and out he came. I instantly changed my mind about Bulldogs. He was small, and his body was like a Shar Pei's. But his eyes - they were beautiful. It was dark, dark blue, and he looked at me. Everybody there tried to hold him and cooed and petted him, but he ignored all of them. He walked slowly towards me, and onto my lap. He put his front paws on me, and gazed into my eyes, gently licking my face. I was really happy, and stroked his back. We loved each other. He started to become used to living in my home, and made my family and I laugh so much. As a puppy, he slipped down the staircase and drooled on my bed, and farted really loudly. He sneezed in my father's face, pissed on the plates, and chased my sister's rabbit. He started to grow older, and bigger too. He surprisingly rarely had any problems, just a flu once in a year or so. When I went skateboarding with friends in the park, he ran after us, slipping and falling. He looked like he was smiling, and his tongue hanged out of one side of his mouth while he ran. He was the joy of my life.

Soon, my family and I moved to Singapore from Pennsylvania because my father had a well-paid job here. I was quite depressed. I missed my friends back in Pennsylvania, and the dogs I used to play with in the park. I missed our cosy home with the backyard, too. School too. There was a time where I sat in my room, crying because I wanted to go back to Pennsylvania. Slobber came to comfort me, pushing things around, trying to make me laugh. He pushed a pen down, and looked at me. I wasn't laughing. Pushed a book down, and looked at me. Still not laughing. Finally, he gave up and curled up in my lap, which Slobber rarely did. It was hard for his massive, fat body to curl up, you know. He looked up at me again, like the way he did when he was a puppy. He was smiling. Just then, he farted. He wasn't smiling. He looked embarrassed, and plopped down onto the floor. I laughed, and he was happy again.

The next few years, I took him for daily walks at this nice parks. He made friends with a Toy Poodle named Lulu, a Jackadoodle named Jojo, a Goldador named Major, and even made a girlfriend with another Bulldog, Lolli. He acted cool and proper around her. After I came home from school, he'd be waiting for me at the door, barking when I came in. He came to sit with me on the sofa while I read books, watched me feed the fish and hamsters, watering the plants, and sleeping on my bed, snoring really loudly. He barked at every stranger he saw, and that was really annoying. We frequently went to the beach near my house and he loved it. He barked really happily, running in the sand, making pawprints in the sand. People who went to that beach soon liked him too, and petted him. He swam in the shallow waters with me, and sometimes with Lolli.

As Slobber came to the end of his days, he had three illnesses - Breathing problems, kidney failure, and bulging eyes. That night before he left me, he looked at me with his now red eyes, but still with that bit of dark, dark blue he had as a puppy, and he looked really sad. It was as if he knew he had to leave me. That night, I had one of my last long talks about my day to him, and he slept. He never woke up again.

We cremated him a few hours ago, and took his ashes to the beach he loved. Lolli was there too. She looked sad. And I took out a handful of his ashes and threw it out into the sea, again and again. Tears caused my vision to be really blurry. After a while, I dried my eyes, and saw a single tear drop out of Lolli's eye. It was true love, definitely. As I loved Slobber.

"Slobber, you're in a better place now, and I hope you live happily there. Remember all the good and bad time we had then? They were great, good or bad. Slobber, a last sentence to you: I love you, Slobber. And I'll never forget the joy and love you brought me."





Slobber and Lolli:






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