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Hey Everyone,

I'm Carrie. I'm 19 years old, and I have one of the most adorable puppies in the world. His name is Jacob, and he is my life. I've always wanted an inside puppy, but my mom isn't so keen on inside pets and since I'm going to a community college and still living at home I was never able to get one. Well, I finally convinced my mom to let me get a puppy with my tax return money.
She wasn't very enthused about the whole idea at first, but she absolutely loves him now.

We just got back from a trip with Jake. It was his first time flying. He did absolutely wonderful. He barked occasionally, but I don't think anyone on the plane got too annoyed. The hardest part about the whole trip was finding grass for him to go to the bathroom on.
He doesn't like the stones. Fussy little puppy.


P.S. this is the only picture I have on my computer right now because I just had to restore. He's still a cutie though.


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