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Hi guys!
Im new on the forum but I wanted to share an amazing experience I had .

I recently moved to DC and my Lola had been feeling off lately. She wasn't going up the stairs and was sleeping all the time. I've never liked the vet clinic because it's really inconvenient and stressfull for the both of us. I started looking for a vet to come to my place, and I found this app called Kwikvet and it's like uber but for veterinarians. A vet and an assistant came to my home, examined Lola, prescribed meds and left 40 min after. The total was $120!!! the last time I went to the clinic for something similar, the cost was over 300!
The vet was really nice and respectful and I got the meds before what they said.

I'm really hoping this will help someone struggling with money and with a sick pup.
They said they were available in Dallas, DC and LA for now. :huddle:
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