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this one actually refers to predators as 'vermin' - like cockroaches, rats, & other pests:

He uses snares to catch foxes, which - IMO - are a very cruel killing method; they are running nooses of wire, meant to strangle the animal *if* they go around the desired body-part, the neck; but they often encircle a limb, instead, leaving snared animals unable to escape / feed / get water / get shelter & die slowly - starve, die of thirst, heat / cold, or at the teeth of a passing dog, if the person who set the snare does not come by in time, & check their traps religiously - every day, twice daily.
Even if the predator gnaws off a limb & escapes, they may die in agony of complications, when that open wound & fractured bone become infected. :(

Assuming they heal & live with 3 limbs, crippled predators are more-likely to die of starvation, hypothermia [not enuf calories consumed in cold weather = cooling core-temp], be killed by larger predators or rival conspecifics, be killed by humans.

here's a 180' different view -
Moorland wildlife will only recover once the cause of the problem and main moorland predator, the gamekeeper, is removed. « Raptor Politics

this organization points out, rightly, that predators SERVE A VITAL FUNCTION in the ecosystem, & they cannot "explode" in popn or somehow out-breed their prey species; there will never be as many coyote as there are rabbits, or as many hawks as there are rodents.
Lions don't outnumber gnus & zebras, either, & no one has 'controlled' lion or leopard numbers for the sake of ungulates - Africa's predators & prey species got along fine for millennia without human interference.

It's amazing to me that anyone could think predators are automatically 'bad' & their numbers need to be limited by humans, who are hardly ideal predators; we don't want the cripple, the blind animal, the aging one with worn teeth who won't survive another winter - we want the healthy thriving young adult; the perfect dam or sire, which Nature would much-rather keep in the gene-pool.

in this particular instance, the split is most-obvious over RED GROUSE MOORS - artificially managed, intensively hunted, human-planted, these are sport-hunters' resorts, a kind of destination "safari" within the U.K., designed to produce grouse in great numbers, to be hunted by humans, & blind to the needs of any other native species, predator, omnivore, herbivore, anything - any species, whether it's flora or fauna, that doesn't CONTRIBUTE to Red Grouse production - provide cover, food, or some other need - is either ignored as useless, or damned as evil.

Red fox are not an invasive alien; they co-evolved with all of Britain's, Scotland's, Wales', & Ireland's native species. Frankly, foxes & other native predators belong there far-more than humans do; we're a relative newcomer who altered the landscape & the waters to suit ourselves.

In the 1890s thru 1930s, many predators in the U-S had a bounty on their heads; U'd think we'd have learned better since then. :(
- terry


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Hello @leashedForLife

We received several complaints/reports about this post. Particularly relating to it being a little graphic for what this forum is about. In fact, if you look at the other topics in that subforum you'll see it tends to be a lighter section, mainly of pictures.

More to the point however, we have several members messaging the moderators indicating that they are, in fact, afraid to post or comment on topics because they are afraid of what you will say to them. This is obviously a huge problem because we like to encourage a variety of members to post. I would ask that you consider self-editing and thinning out your posts so it isn't so overwhelming. You have a lot of useful information, but because of the length of your posts, they tend to come off as overkill, and can sometimes (as discussed previously) sound condescending.

I would also suggest to you, that you look into potentially starting a blog if you're interested in discussing subjects (such as politics, dog behaviour, etc.) more at length. Feel free to link your blog in your signature if you're interested in doing such a thing.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
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