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I am at my breaking point with potty training

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I have a 10 month pitty/lab and he will not consistently signal to go outside. To go outside he needs to signal at a baby gate and then we take him downstairs , thru another room before reaching the basement door. The problem is if he sees the cats or my son go downstairs he will whine at thw gate to want to go down there to play. He will sometimes whine and then make eye contact with me clearly. Other times he will be playing and just squat. Tonight I took him outside and he peed and pooped, then 30 minutes later he walked to the gate and looked down stairs then walked over to his bed and squatted. He didnt whine or make eye contact with me. I have spent 7 months watchin him and I'm ready to just quit. He has never been punished only praised for peeing outside. I have never had problems like this with a dog. I have successful trained 3 other dogs.
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