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We rescued a diabetic dog in October that was very
sick, ill nourished and weak because of improper
insulin treatment and had developed cataracts in both
his eyes and was almost blind.
We put the dog on a strict diabetic diet supplementing
his food with a scoop of MORE and almost a capful
of RESTORE in his morning and late afternoon
The change has been amazing. In the space of several
months, the dog has regained his energy level,
jumping up on furniture, developed attitude and filled
out to a strong, muscular Chihuahua and his coat has
become darker with more luster. We believe he has
regained some of his vision in his left eye (seems
almost clear), can see peripherally as he is able to see
other dogs in a distance and no longer walks into
walls or furniture. And it gives him the confidence to
jump up onto couches and in and out of vehicles and
back down without fear of the unknown.
His sugar level was 466 when we adopted him and
now it is back to normal at 186. The products along
with his diet have contributed immensely to his
present health and even the vet is surprised at the remarkable recovery of an animal that was slated to
be put down.​
Steven and Terry T
Boca Raton, FL
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