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Hyperactivity...having trouble managing it

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I have a Flat Coated Retriever mix and he´s 8 months old. He´s a rescue dog who had absolutely no rules and we´re having trouble controlling him.

We´ve tried training him on a serious problem which is jumping on people because he gets too excited. He does a great job when theres treats around but as soon as we end training he goes back to the same and it´s exhausting.

We sometimes watch videos on how to deal with it but he´s a big dog and the "shushes" and small touches don´t do anything, he just keeps jumping on me and other visitors.

His leash walking isn´t good as well but its almost the first time he´s ever walked with it so we´re not very worried about that.

Another thing is that at around 7am he just starts barking and we have no idea how to stop it.

Would love some help on this hyperactivity please!
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Flat coat retrievers are, shall we say, extremely enthusiastic. They are great dogs, but remember they are wired to run in open fields for the better part of the day. Keeping all that energy in check is going to be a lot of time consuming work. Have a friend that has one, and she was five years, before she started slowing down, and still at age eight is what I would consider, a very energetic dog. Energy bursts are now of much shorter duration, though. Patience, consistency and passage of time will prevail, eventually.
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