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Husky killed neighbors cat!!!

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My first time posting... My 11 month old husky (female) got out of my yard last night and attacked my neighbor's cat. Sad to say the cat died, I feel terrible. The neighbors called animal control and animal control will keep the dog until they are done with their investigation (about 3-4 day). I don't know what I should do next. My dog, Raven, is a good dog. This is my first time dealing with this type of behavior. I blame myself because I left the dogs (we have another husky and a german short haired pointer) out in the yard unattended. Our yard is fenced in and I didn't think that she could get out. My husband is thinking that we should find her another home. She has chased cats out of our yard before but this is the first time she has hurt one. Sorry if I am all over the place... I feel bad for my neighbors and I don't want to lose my dog.
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As I have said before, Huskies and cats do not mix.

But the way I see it, your dog was on your property, secured in a fenced in area.
Perfectly normal in every sense of the word.

Cats do not have to contained, they are allowed to run free. It trespassed onto your property, not the other way around.
If the people cared for their cat, they would not have allowed to let it roam free, it could have been hit by a car, or taken out by some wild animal.

You dog was just being a dog, he is no different than he was yesterday or the day before. There really is no need to be rehoming your pet, none.

I don't understand why they impounded your dog. Can you explain that for us.

Your dog, on your property.

There should be for cats and fines for those that don't, and licensing them too.

Sorry this happened to you.

Their dog jumped their fence leaving their yard and going after the neighbors cat. I am sure the cat was on it's own property or maybe was roaming the area which is enough to have the high prey drive kick in. I believe any dog that leaves the property and kills another animal has to be evaluated though? At least thats how it is in my area. Animal control gets called and they keep them for 3 days usually.

How horrible though :(

As others have said please don't rehome the dog. She only did what is natural for most dogs and to rehome her would be very hard on her :(
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