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I'm looking for information about huskies before I buy one.i know fur sure I want one but want to make sure I know about them before I get one.
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Hi Chelbi7,

Can you please tell us more about yourself, your lifestyle, your living situation, your previous dog experience, and why you're interested in owning a husky?
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what do you like about them, that makes you think they're a good fit?
Huskies are beautiful, but just know they require A LOT of exercise. They were bred to pull sleds over long distances, so a husky owner should be giving them the equivalent of a good run/ bike ride every day. Just know that their exercise demands are usually too much for many owners to handle...but for a very active person, that could work.

If you are a moderately active person, probably best to adopt an older husky instead of a younger one.

My friend works at a shelter, and they actually have a pamphlet dedicated to huskies and advising potential adopters of the breed's demands. There's apparently been enough huskies returned to the shelter because the owner could not meet the breed's demands, so they want future adopters to be informed in their choice.
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I have a huge backyard and I'm active.i have always wanted a husky and I have been looking to a puppy.i have 3 other dogs.i also have more land where I have willing to start training and stuff.
I think huskies are so popular because they are so beautiful and friendly. They seem to love meeting new people and can be great partners for active individuals.

Unfortunately, I personally have found the "difficult to train" stereotype to be accurate when it comes to the breed. Most notably, you will probably not have a dog who you can let off leash reliably. Huskies love to chase, and they don't place the commands of their owner as the highest priority all the time. If your dog saw a squirrel he wanted to go after- good luck trying to keep him off of it. You'll have to put in more time and effort into finding out what motivates your particular dog, and think outside the box to keep things interesting. Huskies seem to need to be convinced that the training is their idea, and they'll quit if it gets boring or too hard.

Huskies are part of a group of 9 breeds who are actually genetically closer to the wolf than to other dogs. This group is called the "ancient breeds"- do some research about what exactly that means and how it changes the needs/behavior of the dogs.

I imagine that with a back yard and property to run on, with other dogs to play with, you won't have too much trouble meeting the energy needs of your pup! A husky could be a really good choice for you if you are willing to put in the time for training and realize that some things just may not be possible for him (namely, off leash activities)

There are so many huskies and husky mixes at the shelter, please don't go out and spend $2k on a puppy when you could adopt a perfectly nice one with alittle bit of looking!!
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I think having a husky would be a great experience and want to have that.
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