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Hungry dog!

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I have a 6 year old cockapoo who acts like he has a food addiction. He eats wellness kibble/wet since he's a few months old but we always need to add human food for him to eat it. I'm thinking of switching his food to something more delicious for him, but I also don't want to be feeding him garbage with too many fillers in it. Suggestions? PS: writing this so early in the morning as we found a big piece of Jarlsberg cheese in the bed from the garbage :)
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I feed my boy Fromm, and get him the grain free variety, here's one of the ones I get . My boy loves it and will eat it with out without the can food topper, but then again Zody is a pig masquerading as a dog and firmly believes that he should weight 90lbs instead of the 10 lbs he actually weighs.

Anyway, Zody does great on the Fromm, and since he's a Chi x Dach and doesn't eat more then 1/2 cup of food per day (any more then that and he gets fat) it does not break the bank to feed it to him. I switch up flavors of kibble with every new bag, and I use a variety of brands of canned dog food as a topper for his morning kibble, ToTW, Wellness, and Newmans Own being among them, so that he gets some variety in his diet and does not get too bored with the kibble
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