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Hello everyone!
I'm so happy to be here! My partner and I have a male 9 year old Heeler/Terrier mix named Petey, who is wonderful. Smart, funny, came to us as a rescue when he was three months old (we had a 9 year old rescued Yellow Lab at the time, so he had a good teacher). Petey has been an only dog for a while as he is dog selective (after having been attacked on our street by a known biter). On Saturday, we brought in an 8-9 month old Golden-ish girl (Maybelle (who, like Petey, arrived on transport from the south). She had been fostered in a noisy, busy home with two of her sisters who had been found roaming northern Nashville, emaciated and starving, at 3 months old.

Petey has been great with her so far. She is fine with him, and shows no interest in our two cats (who have lived with dogs their whole lives). My partner and I have zero successful experience in crate training, and the foster mom assures us that Maybelle was crated a little while every day, and took her meals in her crate. Yesterday, I fed her in her crate, took her out to do her business, brought her back, and I had to run an errand. In the time I was gone, she had had explosive, wild diarrhea in the crate (which is in our living room), kicked some of it out between the grates, freaked herself and our other dog. She sleeps through the night in her crate in our bedroom. I am suspecting that she has severe separation anxiety. She also apparently has Giardia, which was not picked up on her pre-transport vet check in the south.

Any advice or direction to the appropriate forums on this site would be most appreciated.
Many thanks,
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